Problem after moving home



Hi all
I have just joined and I hope someone can help me.We have just moved home and on conecting the TV/DVD up I encounted a problem with the DVD which is as follows:- I had to do a set up due to new TV channels and when set up had finished I found that set up says there is no arial connection, The TV works OK as does my sons Sony dvd recorder. also when switched on it says AV1, 2 or 3 which I can change .
We can play DVD and anything it has on the hard disk.

Can anyone help please



You need to provide more information. What country are you in? You mentioned an “arial.” If your country has digital broadcast stations do you have the correct type of antenna? What brand/model DVD Recorder do you have? Does your DVD recorder have a tuner compatible with the broadcast system in your country?

In the USA full power [B]analog broadcasting [/B]with the NTSC standard has been discontinued. Full power broadcasting is now with the [B]digital ATSC standard[/B]. DVD Recorders manufactured for sale in the US prior to 2007 most likely have only a NTSC tuner. You might need a digital to analog converter box that tunes ATSC signals and converts them to NTSC. Many millions of those ATSC Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes were sold in in the US during 2008 and 2009.

If your programming source is through a cable or satellite the cable converters or satellite receivers provide analog outputs that may be recorded with older DVD Recorders.


[I]I live in the UK and the arial is brand new for digital broadcasts. The DVD Recorder is a Panasonic DMR-EX769EB and the TV is Panasonic TX-32LMD70 withbFree view and everything is set for the UK System including FreeSat which we get in the uk as well as SKY.[/I]
[I]Yesterday I played about with the DVD and Handset and I got it to work OK except for the Timer recording I cannot get it to work only manual. [/I]