Problem after installing Nero

Hi all, I’m new to this forum so I hope you will bear with me. I upgraded to Nero from I downloaded all packages and this immediately changed all my audio files to showtime. I would rather use wmp, so I changed them back to wmp. Now everytime I go to open a file when I left click I get the open with box asking what programme I want to use & I tick the box to “always use this programme to open this type of file”. But each time the same thing happens no matter what I do. And my wav files will only open in sound recorder although the icon beside them is wmp. I was going to take showtime out again but it said that some programmes & files would not work properly if I deleted it. If I revert to the previous version of nero, do you think my files would work properly again. I have done everything I can think of to resolve this problem but to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Please note: this is not an problem with the program. You selected Nero Show Time to be the default player for your audio files, uninstall Nero Vision Express and reboot the p.c. thus restoring the default player. Once the system is back up, reinstall Nero Vision Express and select the option ‘de-select’ all for both your audio/video files as well as on the next screen for your pictures and continue with the installation.

could try changing it in the folders options - file type and select the wmp icon and tell it what to use to open the file

Hi, Thank you for your help. I uninstalled nero vision, reinstalled and deselected all file types for both showtime & photosnap and got my wmp back. Now, I went to make an audio CD and a screen message said ‘Needs WINDOWS original WNASPI32.DLL’ and another saying ‘nero.exe had encountered a problem and would have to close’. Can anyone tell me where to find this windows file. Is it on the Windows CD, or somewhere else, or is it to do with nero installation. Should I just uninstall all nero programmes & start from scratch or is there a simple explanation. I tried doing a system restore but that didn’t work as the message said “no changes had been made to my computer” since the last system restore.
Thanks in advance