Problem after flashing to v055 firmware



Hello everybody. This is my first post. :slight_smile:
Yesterday I flashed my DRW 1008IM with v055 firmware
and after that it works in PIO mode.
I can't find a way to enable DMA.
Windows just not setting it.


set it in your BIOS


It is set in the bios.
Everything was ok until I flashed it.


Someone please help.
Should I go back to firmware v054 ?


Try this.

Go to Start, Setings, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, then IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

Depending on where you connected the BTC (Primary/Secondary Channel) click on it, go to Advanced Settings, then either Device 0 or 1.

Check that the Transfer Mode is on “DMA if available” not “PIO only”. Click OK then restart system.

Tell us if it works. Good luck. :slight_smile:


If by chance your running XP, this is kind of normal. I had the same problem back months ago, for no reason all DMA was gone. It was greyed out and not selectable. I searched around and found in a forum on here a sulution. It sounded dangerous but I figured it was worth a try since the only other option was to re-install XP. Here is what you need to do if your running XP, go into device manager and you need to remove your primary or secondary IDE channel depending on which one has the problem. Your computer will still run fine and you will have access to your hard drive so nothing to worry about there. Now reboot the computer it will or should recognize the IDE channels and drives and everything should be back to normal and be able to select DMA. I have had to do this a couple times as either clonecd or nero would hose it up. I know this works and I’m sure you can search the forums here and find just what I’m saying some where on here. Good luck. I am running 055 and it works just fine its not the firmware.


SKORPIO57 I tried this.
I am not a completly newbie. :PPPPp
rwarrin I 'll try it.
You said that it’s not the firmware but the problem stapted after I flashed to firmware v055.


rwarrin It worked.
Thanks man


I had the same problem already several times.
My solution was just to turn off the computer jumper the drive to slave (if it already is slave jumper it to master), restart the PC and boot windows. The drive will be recognized in DMA mode.
Now you can turn your PC off again and reset your master/slave jumper into the earlier position, after a restart everything will be fine (hopefully).


Nice to know that it worked. I’ll try to remember the solution posted by rwarrin. Same thing happened to me a while back. :slight_smile:


Glad to see it worked without a problem. XP has another little problem of losing cdroms from the sytem. Maybe your fortunate enough to have never had that problem but here is the solution should that happen sometime and it works everytime.

Recover Lost CD Roms


Delete any upper filters


This should work, if it doesn’t then remove any lower filters


This is another tip to remeber. I have had to do this a few times also. Either Nero or CloneCD put this upper filters thing in the registry and when that happens all your cdrom drive are gone. Well I was glad I could help.


A little update guys.
As I told you it worked but when I loaded a DVD on it, after a while the dma gone. It got back to Pio mode.
I tried what “PizzzaMan” told and it works fine fon now.
Thanks “PizzzaMan”, I owe you a Pizza :slight_smile: