Problem after flashing my NEC ND-6550A

Hello from Italy.
I tried to flash my Nec nd-6550A dvd drive in my Fujitsu T4210 laptop. I used the modified 1.43 RPC-1 version I found on Liggydee website, and I flashed it with binflash (necflash.exe); now the drive is recognized by windows 7 in two ways: Nec nd-6550A and KDCDIF AN89MJGH67 scsi cdrom. If I insert a cd on the drive, it shows as BD-Rom drive, but is not able to read the disk. I have the old firmware dumped when I flashed with binflash, which now does not recognize the drive (I performed a binflash -scan and the result is the KDCDIF AN89MJGH67 1.03 drive).
Please, can anybody gave me instructions about how to flash the old firmware again?
Thank you!

Hi and Welcome!

at first, please get rid of your virtual drive software (KDCDIF AN89MJGH67) which seems to be interferring with the process in a negative manner.


Hello Michael, thank you for your reply.

I tried to de-install it but it is still keeping coming back. I tried to de-activate it but it seems it is not working either…