Problem after Flashing 3500

Hi all,

Read lots from the forums b4 going ahead… but?.
Got a new 3500 DVDRW with 2.17 in… but my XP system has had lots of probs
recognising it since installed. when this happens a reboot usually sorted it.

But as in desperation to try and sort it, I’ve flashed to 2.18 ( offical NEC).

All went ok and after many reboots its recognised correctly every time.

heres the BUT… it just wont see any Discs, even the off the shelf ones.
and the flashing software, Necwinflash, or necflash now report the drive as not supported.
Can I use some way of forcing a reflash, either back to 2.17 or to some other version, using some other flash proggy.?

Any advice appreciated


Chucking the drive in another system usually sorts out if it’s a bad drive or your system!

If you can’t do that then check master/slave settings are correct and if you use an 80pin IDE cable the master drive MUST be on the END connector (the end that’s the shortest distance from the middle connector) and slave MUST be on the MIDDLE connector! You could also try another IDE cable, and make sure DMA is enabled on the drive!

If you have Nforce drivers installed or Intel Application Accelerator then uninstall them as these have been known to cause problems! If you XP SP2 installed then I don’t have any clue as I avoided installing that!

If your comfortable with drastic measures, you could uninstall your Primary/Secondary IDE controller in Device Manager and let XP rediscover them and see if that helps.

Or, if really desperate, you could just FORMAT C: and reinstall Windows :confused: