Problem after flash 40125S

i upgraded my 40125S to 48125w whithout problem. However, i tried it with another 40125S drive, but now, it opens and closes the tray SIX times before it recognices any disk.?¡'¡?¿?¿?¿?

I back to 40125S with no result. I tried several versions of both models, but I can’t get it works well.

Before this, the drive worked well.

Any ideas?


Does it do this for any type of disc?

Did you flash a 40125S-XSU1 drive accidently? This one cannot be converted to 48x…

i don’t know if it is that model, but if it is, where i can get correct firmware? is it diferent from 40125S? i’m trying to flash back to 40125s also, but with no result.

Thank you for your answer.

I found the XSU1 firmware searching through the forum and it works now well. I solved the problem.

Thanks to all!