Problem after firm upgrade

Hello everyone.
I am having problems with Nero after I had upgraded to CS0K, in the Burn Menu the “Simulate” option is grayed out and I cant select it.
Any ideas??

Have Image Recorder selected?

No, I have the Lite-On recorder selected.

are you trying to simulate with a +R disc? as you can only simulate a burn with -R

My 1213@CS09 has the simulation option, but I have never tried CS0K yet.

What version of Nero are you using? I am using Nero 63125

My 1213@CS0K has the simulation option

x ako:
You’r right I was trying to simulate with +R type, I changed to -R type and the “simulate” option appears again, but I still cant select the “Write Method” as it is grayed out.
x abalone: I notice, seeing the picture attached to your post that the nero inform of my drive doesnt show the " DVD+R9 Double Layer" in the disc types of my drive. why???
Before I forget Thanks to all for your help.

in my nero (v6.6.0.8a) it doesn’t show dvd+rdl, too.


Probably you are using old nero? As stated by chok0

If you want to select “Write Method”, you need to check “Allow files to be added later (multisession disc)”

which version are you using?
in newest nero dcd+rdl isn’t there!


6.608a is the latest, but I am using 6.3125

But why nero disabled DVD+R DL in 6.608a?

Can anyone tell what is the function of these 2 setting at Nero…?
And also what are the default of these setting?


both modes are for higher compatibility to dvd-roms/standalones. 1. for single layer, 2. for double layer discs.

Smart Burn is Lite-On’s proprietary OPC-like technique for optimal burns… limiting the drive speed on certain discs to what is deemed to be safe.

Oh I see…! Thanks…! I guess all should be Enable…!!