Problem after decrypting te movie

For some reason now after decrypting movies with DVD Decrypter instead of the normal folder then double clicking into it you get alll the files from the video_ts or something i now get one huge file which is called a WinRar file and Shrink cannot recognise it. So i cannot shrink the file. This has never happened before either.
Somebody please help this is such a nusiance

Sounds like you somehow downloaded Winrar. Did you use this to download and open Decrypter?. Winrar is a program similar to Winzip and I’ve seen it being used for some of these programs as of late to download and open. How you got your video_ts files mixed in there, I can’t tell you. But I’m sure one of the Guru’s here can. I guess if I were you, I’d dump Decrypter and reload it. And just hope you don’t have a lot of files in there so you won’t loose them. Otherwise yu could try putting everything on disk before you dump it… Good luck


Something must have told Decrypter to save as an ISO. I have not done this, and I did not know decrypter could save it as such. But the fix is easy, Just go to file at the top of shrink, and choose “open disc image” and proceed as usual with shrink. Hope this helps.