Problem After Burning Data DVD




I was burning a Data DVD. it completed successfully , but when i insert it back it detects as cd with zero space. please help me regarding this problem.



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Most of times this issue is due to a low quality disc. Try again with a better disc like a Verbatim, this should solve.

Can you also provide more details? What burner do you have exactly? Did you already try to update firmware? What burning speed did you use? What software?


thanks for ur reply…

I have Sony DVD RW AW-G170A and i use Nero 7 for burning. this has happened to me even when i use disc of Mosebaer which i think is quite nice quality disk…


Mosebaer makes decent media, but not exactly something I’ll call a good media. Try again with a Verbatim. Also a firmware update can improve results :slight_smile: