Problem after burning a DVD

i just got my NEC 3500 and i burned my first back up movie. when i played it in my DVD player in the living room, i got some problems (glitches / bugs) at the end of the movie (toward the last 3 minutes).
i burned the dvd at 8x or 16x (i don’t remember) on a fujifilm DVD+R that are yuden000 T02, i checked with dvd identifier.
how can i solve this problem?
burn at a lower speed?

help me please

ps: i’m using the LD_V2 beta 2 and bitsetting…

Hey blarf…

I would try slowing the speed down. Unless you got a bad batch of media, that is not the problem. I’ve burnt a ton of those Fuji’s without 1 hickup. If you can, try them in a different player to verify it’s not that. Or you could try a -R disk and see how it behaves.


Depending on your burner and software it might happen, especially with such good brands like TY that it is burnt at a higher speed at the end of the disc. This causes a reading problem for the standalones, i.e. transmission rate dropping critically.

Though I never had an issue with +R media (burnt at maximum speed, that is higher than the certified speed of the media), I would recommend to burn at a lower speed.

what programs are you using to backup and burn with?

thanx for the quick replies,
i’m using DVD shrink 3.2 and Nero (latest update…) to backup my dvds.


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Just a joke between friends - Mark is absolutely correct- try using good quality 8x -R media (Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell) and I think you will find that you will get a very good burn without having to mess with the speeds-


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