Problem after about 1 hour playing DVD backup



After the dog ate one of our DVDs, I’m taking the plunge into backing up our DVD collection (or trying to).

System is a P4 3.4GHz, 1gb RAM, Intel 925 board, ATI X600 video card, Sony DVD-RW drive and XP Pro.

Software I’ve tried so far is DVDShrink and then CopyToDVD and Nero.

Playback is a Panasonic DVD-RP62.

Aftering conquering problems such as audio sync issues, the Pana not liking +R media etc., I’m down to one problem.

Media is Verbatim -R (also tried +R) Thermal Printable DVD-R.

After about 1 hour into the DVD playback, the video gets pixelated in spots and the audio hangs up and skips. The longer the movie plays, the worse it tends to get.

I’ve done some searching here and other sites and ‘dvd playback problems’ brings back thousands of threads.

Any suggestions to get over this last hurdle?


This is probably a media/burn problem, post the MID code. Nero’s CD/DVD Speed will tell you this.
Try doing a disc quality scan with the same Nero app. This should work as the Sony is probably just a rebadged Liteon & this brand supports quality scanning.
How did you get over the +R problem, switched to -R or bitsetting? Liteon brands tend to prefer +R media so the Sony should also prefer +R.


I foresee a bad scan appearing here soon.



But just how bad though. PIE’s around 1000 max & PIF’s > 200 max?



Nah. More like bad spikes towards the end of the burn… Marginal media…


Here are the results from Nero’s DVDSpeed:

General Information
Firmware: BY03
Disc: DVD-R (MCC 02RG20 )
Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
Maximum: 333
Average: 113.39
Total: 1768834
PI failures
Maximum: 14
Average: 0.08
Total: 1512
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 10:05
Number of samples: 125388
Average scanning interval: 1.14 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

However - looking at the graph it generates:
From position 0.0 to about 1.62, the PI graph is under the 50 line. Then, it jumps in a vertical cliff up to over 200, where it stays at or about until about 3.5 at which point it really starts to climb up to about 350.


It would really help if you post the graph. But it sounds like the media is not good after about the 3gb mark. That is a media quality issue. Verbatim is good media when you get the mcc03. Their 16x media is very good, but the 8x must have been made differently, or you just got a bad batch.


I did the same source files this time using Nero to burn and dropped the speed to 4x. A quick watch through of the last 30 minutes of the movie and it seems fine this time through (see attached screen shot).

Should I be trying for even lower errors? What’s generally considered acceptable and unlikely to produce audio or video errors during playback?


Anybody know if he can run kprobe without cross flashing to liteon firmware?


Looking at the scan, whilst the PI errors are higher than one would like they are acceptable. The PI failures are brilliant.
Usually you get better burns when burning at the media’s rated speed rather than dropping it down, which seems the opposite to what you get.
I’m not sure that you should scan at 8x on the Sony, check in the Liteon/Sony forum. I had a very quick look but couldn’t find anything.
I assume that your HD is regularly defragged & that the burner & HD are on separate IDE channels. A no to either of these will have an adverse effect on your high speed burning.


I’m farmiliar with scanning with liteons and kprobe but I’m not sure if the sony firmware reports errors the same as liteon firmware or if cdspeed reports the same as kprobe. Your drive is a rebadged liteon 1633s/1655s with sony firmware though. With kprobe, liteons report at ecc 8/1 which would seem to be consistant with your scan. If no one else knows for sure, I can run a cdspeed scan on my liteon and see if it reports the same as kprobe. Maybe I can help you interprete your scans a little (after work tonight that is). With kprobe, it is customary to scan at 4x.
If it is reporting at ecc 8/1, then the limits are 280 for pi and 4 for pif. The pif might be so low compared to the pif because of the way liteons report errors. Anyone know for sure if the sonys report this way?


I tried a cdspeed scan with my liteon and it matched a kprobe scan almost identically. I was unsure about your scan because in post 6, it reported an ecc sum of 1.14 in cdspeed. Were that the case, your limits would be 35 and 4 which doesnt make sence with your burns.
I think your sony (liteon rebages with sony firmware) is reporting the same way mine is. It is reporting the pi at ecc 8 and the pif at ecc 1 (that is where cdspeed is getting the reported ecc 1.14). To the best of my knoledge, liteon drives are the only drives that can do that which is one of the reasons that they ae desirable for scanning. This means that your limits are 280 for the first graph and 4 for the second graph. That doesn’t mean that anything below that is good though. It means that if you are in the ball park of the limits, your disk probably wont play. If it is a little below the limits, you are getting into the range that the disk might just barlly play, but the error rates are still high. You want to be resonably below the limits on the pi. On the pif, the old version of kprobe scanned at ecc 8 (similar to some other drives). When they changed to the ecc 8/1 scanning, this is just my impression, but the pif testing got a lot more stringent. I would say that if your pif are below 4 (even if their are areas that are 2-3 or even maybe some smaller areas that go up to four, or even single small spikes that go a little higher, you are probably good. That first burn that went up to 333 and 14 obviously exceeded the 280 pi 4 pif limits for the way your drive scans so it is no shock that it had problems playing. The next scan that went up to 82 and 2 (the one you posted the graph of), 82 and 2 are well under the limits of 280 and 4 so no suprise that it played ok. How good of a burn is it? It’s ok and if they keep scanning like that, they should keep playing as they are well under limits. Can you get beter? Absolutlly. Take a look at the scan I did of a ricohjpnr01 burned on my liteon at 6x (it’s 4x media) to see if kprobe and cdspeed would behave the same with my liteon.
One more thing. You sony is a rebadged liteon and liteons do not really like dvd-r media. Thats probably why it is not performing that well with verbatium (verbatium is good quality media). I would sugest changing to dvd+r media and look into bitsetting. You can find out lots more in the liteon forum and if you like, you can even flash your drive to liteon firmware and use all kinds off tools that will improve your burning (it will void your waranty to flash other than sony firmware though). Look into it in the liteon forum.
As I am not that farmiliar with cdspeed and generally use kprobe, if I have made any mistakes or if other have a diffrent opinion or see any mistakes I have made, please say so. A lot of this is speculation that his drive is working the same with sony firmware and cdspeed as mine does with liteon firmware and kprobe.


Your media appears to be good quality, and your scans look pretty good. Try playing the dvd in a friends standalone dvd player and see if the same problem occurs. Some of my burns even with scores of 98, have problems on my panasonic, but play fine on my onkyo.

Only other thing you might do, is make sure that you defrag all hd’s at least once a week, or prior to working with dvd’s, and make sure that the hd that your are burning from is on a seperate ide than the burner. Absolute best way, is to have two hd’s (one for operating system and software, and one for files and file transfers), and ensure that the burner is on the opposite ide from the hd that you are burning from.