Problem adding files

hi i’m new here, and i have a problem…
i’m using nero startsmart (the one that comes with windows xp) i have downloaded alot of episodes from my favourite shows, i click on burn video files in nero and when i try and add them in order so i can burn them alltogether i get a message saying “A special entry already present on the target location. Original, Joliet or ISO file names can be identical.” if i try and burn them seperately i have to overwrite the previous file i burned (i’m using a DVD - RW). basically, i can only put 1 episode, it won’t allow me to add others

if you could help me i would really REALLY appreciate it!!

What file extension do these files have, for example.avi?

the files are fine (they are dvd files/mpeg/bup/vob) its just it won’t let me add more of them onto the disc
it only allows me to burn 1 episode, when i try burning the others it won’t let me, i have to replace the previous episode.
i can’t get more than one episode/file onto the disc.

Burn as plain DATA DVD.

^^i tried that, still no luck, maybe if i merge all the files into one it’ll work.

These are DVD-Video specification files and each episode is authored as a separate DVD-Video.

However you can combine the titles in DVD Shrink in ‘Reauthor’ mode. Use the search facility to find how to do this.

it worked great!!! god bless u imKidd57!! :slight_smile: