Problem Aceessing M/B Bios



. I am having severed problem accessing my Motherboard Bios (getting in to it), I have MSI KT600 for AMD platform. When try to push the “Delete” button at the start of start up booting during counting the “System Memory” them system refuse to enter in to BIOS and the display monitor shows “No Signal” Go to Saving Mode". I did upgrade the BIOS to night, after upgrade the delete function works once and I got in to BIOS but after that at any startup getting in to BIOS became impossible again. Any ideas appreciated


After the flash, did you set the BIOS to default settings? It is recomemmed that this is done after a flash so the new bios is set to default.

Maybe the new Bios is using another key to enter the Bios!?!


The BIOS is AMI and the key for the AMI BIOS to get in to setup is delete key which works right after the bios upgrade but then after that became again problematic.