Problem Accessing


I seem to be having a weird problem when trying to access the main website. The problem is when at home I cannot access the site at all, and barely works. I’m able to access the site from work, as well as from a friends house who has a different ISP. Below is a breif breakdown of what works, and what doesn’t.

Home: New Jersey, USA
ISP: Cablevision Optimum Online (Cable)
Status: Cannot access main site. I have limited access to, meaning it loads, but very, very slowly. I do not seem to have access to other * subdomains. I’ve done several digs, pings and traceroutes and I simply cannot ping or traceroute to the site or IP address.

Friends: New Jersey, USA
ISP: Comcast Hi-Speed Internet (Cable)
Status: and all * subdomain sites work properly and at a reasonable speed

Work: New York City, USA
ISP: Time Warner Telecom (Dual T-1)
Status: and all * subdomain sites work properly and at a reasonable speed

Since it is working on 2 out of the 3 locations I think I can safely assume that it is a problem with Cablevision. Are there any other cablevision subscribers out there who are unable, or able, to acess cdfreaks and it’s sites? I’m going to be going to my ISP next, but I just wanted to see if it was only me, or if there are other members of the community having problems.


Have you tried entering different DNS addresses?

You could try some out of this list:

Not sure what you mean by that, but if you mean what I’m thinking, then yes. I’ve done several nslookups using various worldwide name servers, which all return the same IP address for ( If I try to access the site via I get the same results as listed in the home category.

If you cannot even access on the IP address…then you have a serious problem with your provider somewhere.

I used to have a problem of getting here on the URL…so I then entered the whole list of DNS servers in my settings. After that I never had trouble accessing this (or any other) site…unless it was actually down of course :wink:

Okie dokie… thanks!

Here the same problem - this morning CDfreaks timed out. Loading is awful slow or hangs. My tracert:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 129 ms 128 ms 125 ms
2 127 ms 128 ms 121 ms
3 124 ms 125 ms 121 ms [139.
4 124 ms 120 ms 222 ms
t []
5 131 ms 128 ms 132 ms [
6 130 ms 130 ms 132 ms
t []
7 138 ms 135 ms 132 ms
om []
8 285 ms 282 ms 283 ms []

9 323 ms 324 ms 321 ms []
10 338 ms 333 ms 342 ms []

11 386 ms 384 ms 391 ms []

12 473 ms 473 ms 475 ms []

13 485 ms 485 ms 482 ms []
14 475 ms 468 ms 468 ms []
15 500 ms 501 ms 499 ms []

16 496 ms 489 ms 489 ms []
17 480 ms 478 ms 475 ms []

18 483 ms 478 ms 480 ms []

19 453 ms 451 ms 452 ms []
20 456 ms 454 ms 452 ms []

Trace complete.