Problem 8x burn speed

I have been burning at 8x for awhile with no problem now its coasters only,
4x ok 6x ok no 8x, burner is oem sony dulayer d22a,no 8x with any blanks disc and any programs, spoke to sony and verbatim tech. they thin laser is losing power at high speed suggested 4x all the time, h/speed burning causes the laser to wear out quicker, ony had dvd since oct 2004 using CloneDVD2 any any dvd what say you guys?.

So return the drive for service!

Your system may not be running in DMA mode. Remove primary and secondary IDE channels in device manager. Reboot. Go back and set all devices to use DMA mode. Reboot and confirm all devices are running in DMA mode.

Also go to BIOS and set the hard drive and optical drives to AUTO detect.