Problem: 851s doesn't support +R(W) writing


I have a problem with new liteon 851s. Drive is recognized by system as 851s.
Nero Info Tool and DVDInfoPro show that it doesn’t support DVD+R and DVD+RW reading/ writing and DVD-RW writing. (see attachment)
Originally it was GSOF firmware version. I updated it to GSOH - same problem.
There were two blank DVD with drive. I tried to write to DVD-R and it was ok.
DVD+R was rejected. I have tried Sonic MyDVD that came with drive and Nero.
I didn’t check DVD-RW and DVD+RW disks.

Any suggestions?


That is a weird problem! :confused: Support for +R/W comes from the firmware. It’s the firmware that tells the software (InfoTool & burning apps) what is and isn’t supported. Problem is, GS0H should be reporting +R. It escapes me how it’s possible GS0H on your drive won’t report +R when GS0H would report +R on all other drives. Although a software problem seems unlikely, a firmware problem is even more unlikely (I’m assuming that the GS0H flash went off without any noticible glitches?) (shouldn’t be a hardware problem, as, IIRC, the firmware reports what it reports independent of what the hardware supports, as evidenced by the firmware reporting features even if you flash it onto unsupporting hardware), so my only guess would be a software problem. Though I’m not good at tracking down software problems, especially one like this…

Strange… hmm. My advice? E-mail LiteOn tech support and see what their take on it is. Be sure to include this InfoTool screenshot.

Do not try to use any unofficial firmwares, as if it does turn out to be a physical problem with the drive (unlikely, but who knows?), you’d want to return it, and using unsupported firmwares technically voids your warranty.

Thank you for quick answer. I will contact tech support and post here if there will be something usefull.

Well, I moved drive to other PC and everything is fine with “+” support now.
It seems problem was with PC hardware(?) and software(suspecting intel drivers) but not with drive itself.
Anyway it is very strange that DVD-R disk was written fine.
Best regards.