Problem 5005A

I have a brand new 5005A SN# 0102-1140-0101- G2bd (010B) has 3 hour mode reads blank dvd ok will not play original dvd movies ie Godfather just spins and locks up at 3 sec tried again locked at 5 sec. Tried another movie and it plays, I also have another 5005A that plays all movies fine.This one Will not play region 2 dvd Please guide me to make this work region free and macro free.

you can start here

search old LVW 5005 posts for many answers.

notice this: LiteOn LVW-5005B with SHW 160P6S drive SN:0102–1140-0098-P0SB Hacked

Thanks CC, I did research and did hack serial # is now 0102-1140-0098-G2BD

Just one problem still exists plays some movies hangs at stop while drive makes noise hitting play sometimes gets it going my other 5005A
SN 0102-1840-0098-B205 (015-010D plays movies fine just put it in and it auto starts any ideas maybe bad drive your thoughts and best replacement drive without losing functionality. Have you lost anything with SHW 160P6S

With the 160P6S lost CD/VCD/SVCD Record, locks up with Chapter skip and FF and RW. Not a big loss for me as I don’t use the 5005 to playback and use my computer to record CDs. The Sony DRU-120C may be a better replacement. My newer 5005 (like yours) the drive failed in just a few weeks so I replaced it.

CCRomeo is correct about Sony DRU-120C (DW-G120A) being best replacement of drives that are fairly easy to find. This Sony lacks only VCD recording function unlike my LiteOn SHM-165P6S replacement which freezes on fast forward in addition to lack of VCD recording. Only LiteOn 1693 and older models and Benq 1620 retain full function as far as I know, but these are very difficult to find from any sources I’ve searched. FYI the 160P6S and 165P6S models can be cross flashed to Sony DRU-120C to regain fast forward functionality according to post #100 at This info wasn’t posted until after I installed my 165P6S replacement, and I don’t want to remove it from the recorder for just that fix since I don’t use the recorder for playing DVD anyway.

You might try cleaning the laser which has helped some and replace the drive if that doesn’t fix the problem. Regardless of replacement drive selected you need to connect to PC first to do any updates such as cross flash or firmware update, and it’s a good idea to set book type to DVD-ROM for +R media to add that function to 5005 recordings. I have 1 DVD player that would play no 5005 recordings regardless of media type unless I burned another copy on PC to +R media with book type set to DVD-ROM, but that time consuming chore is eliminated since my replacement with book type set to DVD-ROM. Note the Book Type Utility may be used for models newer than 1693 including Sony DRU-120C, but the OmniPatcher is needed to permanently change boot type of 1693 and older models; both utilities are available in the LiteOn burner forum.