[PROBLEM]2510a working at a third of his capacity

Here is my problem, my NEC2510a is rather slow, I’ve tested it on another computer and without any reason he is 3 times faster on the other computer.
I’ve tested to rip the same disc on the two computers:
Computer 1, VIDEO_TS to C transfer speed: 1500 ko/s max
Computer 2, VIDEO_TS to C transfer speed: 4500 ko/s max

Here are the computers specifications:

Nec 2510A
Plugged in PATA Ultra ATA 33 (UDMA2)
Position Secondary IDE channel / Master
Firmware RPC1 removed Riplock (latest dangerous brother)

Main computer (the one which is slow) :

  • Barton XP-M 2500+
  • Shuttle Nforce 2
  • 512Mo PC3200 Corsair
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80Go (primary master, UDMA5)
  • Windows XP Pro SP1a

Second computer:

  • Barton 2500+
  • Asus A7n8x-x VIA KT400
  • 256Mo PC2700 Samsung
  • Seagate Barracuda 4 40Go (primary master, UDMA5)
  • Windows XP Pro SP1a

The two computers are quite similar, same softwares, OS installed from the same cd… The second computer is even a little bit inferior…
And paradoxaly the second one has transfer rate which are three times higher!!!

I don’t understand where the problem came from :sad:
Please help me :sad: !

Use nero cdspeed and post the results of the burst rate and transfer rate test.
Some questions: Which IDE driver do you use ? Is the drive the only drive on the IDE bus ? How did you verify UDMA2 ? When ripping, is the target drive on a different IDE bus ?

I’ve tried a speed test, and surprise : my drive doesn’t seems to have any problem …!
So I looked at my ripping software ant it seems that it was misconfigured, causing my drive to slow down.

Anyway, thanks for your help :iagree: :bow: