Problem:1653 with cs0k at optodiskr04

Does anyone use 1653 burn optodiskr04?
I’ve got a bad result.
Here is a scan

Please Kprobe scan your discs at 4x (not Max) so that we can “interpret” them better. :wink:

Hmm well this media is not always the best :frowning:
What brand is it/ where was it purchased ?

In my opinion - Optodisc is crap :wink:

Some discs seems good after they are written, but many don’t even last a year before they are unreadable…

I just found that rectweak in omnipather changed the strategy of optodiskor4 to prodiscr03, should I do this?
The brand is Imation

Wow, after I changed record stradegy as I mentioned, it is more better.
Here is the scan

@ MichaelDe8ger

Was mentioned before, you probably overlooked, you should scan @ 4x, it’s the forum’s default scanspeed, so we can better compare results. Your scan will look even better than the last one :bow:

:smiley: Leo

Yep looks like the problem here was VERY poor support for these discs by LiteOn.
Good to see that the strat swapped allows you to burn them well. :slight_smile: