Problem 1640

Hi :slight_smile:
Anybody know if there is a major problem with the 1640
I’ve gone through three ( yes really 3 ) in two weeks
First drive DOA
Second drive failed after just a few hours
Third drive failed to write DL ( Verbatim MCC Ritek ) plus problems with audio both writing & reading
How lucky is that
Have reverted back to 3540 ( brilliant ) 716 ( audiotastic ) 4163 ( allrounder )
109 ( in reserve )

check the cable, DMA setting and your IDE controller setting in the CMOS

Hi :slight_smile:
Done all of the above : settings correct : [ & new ] 80 wire cable used
The problem was definately the drives & after dealer checks have been returned to BenQ.

You know, I thought my drive was DOA too but I noticed that the power cable was a slightly loose fit on the drive. Changing the power connection around I found one that was a tighter fit and lo and behold the drive worked fine.

It’s certainly worth checking out - it surprised me at the time.

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks that’s very true :iagree:
However I did check this & no doubt the dealer did to ( when I upgrade a drive I do the same with all connections ie: replace with new )
But your point is well worth a mention as I have had friends do some upgrade on their own computer only to ring me to say how its all gone wrong can I come over & sort it On arrival I find 1 lead not reconnected or not properly at least
On one occasion they hadn’t even plugged the computer back into the mains
See what thinking & tighter fits get you into

Hi :slight_smile:
Got my 4th. 1640 & it works So far so good
Identical to thePlextor 740 even down to the black tray ( for those of you who don’t know) only cheaper

You mentioned that your drive failed to drive to write to DL DVDs, so I’m wondering how exactly is that? I also have a 1640 that’s 2 weeks old and my drive spikes really high on all DL media,I’ve already wasted two Verbatim 2.4x (MKM 001) and one Ritek D01. The Verbatims were written @ 2.4x & 4x and the Ritke was written @ 2.4x.
Should I RMA the drive or what?
The drive also spikes really high on +R media( MCC004) ,not just @16x (though I get 40+ PIF after 3 GB at 16x) , but at all speeds.

Hi :slight_smile:
My problem with DL was with Ritek would start writing lead-in then stop
with Verbatim got half way then failed (due to layer change I assume)
However BenQ have said this was due to laser tracking being slightly off & probably due to some transit damage
Ritek does seem problematic though (with my Plextor 716 fine) as I’ve found with my Pioneer 109XL /NEC 3540a/LG4163b
NB.My latest 1640 has been fine so far on DL (Verbatim) using latest f/w. I don’t have any Ritek to try
Something I’ve noticed with the 1640 when looking at drive using DVDinfoPro the drive volume levels =2 with every other DVDRW I’ve owned volume levels =256
Why is that & how important ?