Problem 12X burn 1633s@1653S CS0T

I crossflashed my 1633s to 1653s to gain 12X burning for -r disc.

The discs are Verbatim 16X DVD-R and i was able to get a good burn from them burning with the 1633S firmware.

With the same -R discs burned with the 1653S firmwares, the errors are in the 1600s.

Have I done anything wrong? People seems to be praising the crossflash firmware, but I’m seeing worst results. Can anyone help me?

i can only suggest you to not burn +/-R discs higher than @8x speed with this drive. its hardware isn’t really capable to produce good results with higher speeds.
the firmware isn’t the problem.

if i were to get a new burner right now… what would you recommand?

There is not problem with DVD+R media -Only need,not burn overspeed DVD-R 8x media ,and reset eeprom before flash to 1653 from 1633s .

if you want to buy a new writer, i recommend the SHW-160P6S.
or: SHM-165P6S (dvd-ram); SHM-165H6S (dvd-ram+lightscribe)

In this market period worth waiting for 20x DVD burners :