Problem 1004im with OPTODISc OP1 dvd+rw 2.4x

The btc website shows that “optodisc OP1 dvd+rw 2.4x” is supported but i have only ever had one fully successful copy with them which was with the firmware the drive shipped with, ive upgraded the firmware since bitsetting was introduced. And now i cant get a successful copy.
The discs show that they have completed successfully in both nero and roxio media creator 7 but when i try and use the discs or copy files from them i get “ms-dos invalid function” or something along those lines. Some files i can copy over to my hard drive but most are corrupted it seems. I bought the discs for backing up my hard drive but i cant do that with them until i get them fixed. Anybody know a solution?

I have a 1004 and found to my amazment that I can write on 4X verbatims as well as on 4X no name brands