Problelm with Dvd Shrink & AnyDVD together

I know DVD Shrink is not technically burning software, but I didn’t see a Dvd Shrink forum, and I hesitated to post in your AnyDvd forum, because I suspect this is a Dvd Shrink issue, so… Anyway, I am increasingly having the error, of Dvd Shrink getting halfway through the initial analysing step, and then saying “data redundancy check” & cyclic redundancy error. In the past, this just meant that the disc was too scuffed up, and so I just substituted another original disc to copy, but lately, it is happening to discs in fairly good shape… ANy ideas?
By the way, just FYI, I have been using these two progs together for about two years now, with no prior problems, and with all my ANyDVD updates being performed…

Are there any scratches or marks on the dvd? That normally the problem for me.

Might be time to try CloneDVD. DVDShrink is extremely outdated as the author is now working for Nero and can no longer legally update Shrink to work with newer movies.

Is CloneDvd your choice for best DVD burning software?

Clonedvd is of course a great app. You can’t go wrong with it.
I personally use nero for dvd burning or Imgburn.

Does CloneDvD also compress the dvd to fit, like DvdShrink does?

Yes :iagree:

Hate to double post, but I feel the need to mention that I, also, use Nero to burn, but DvdShrink has been invaluable for compressing original dvds to fit on a burned copy. So I guess what I really need is a recommendation on another program that performs That function…

Oh, okay, thank you, geno888…

clonedvd is a good alternative to dvd shrink.

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I just googled, and found three clonedvd’s in two minutes! One is just plain clonedvd, one is clonedvd by Slysoft, the same people that make Anydvd, and the other is Elby CloneDvd 2, which, though it bears the little lamb logo of Slysoft, seems to have nothing to do with them. Hmmnnn…

Slysoft is the good one :iagree:

Cool. :cool: