Proble with Hellboy

Old movie but new problem… AnyDVD can’t seem to rip past dvd rom features. It says it is done after about 15 sec. and goes no further…Any ideas out there?

I had no problems with this movie with the current AnyDVD version at the time. Perhaps you have a “bad” disc?

Thanks, wondered if it could be disc. Will try going back to older version of AnyDVD see if it does any good.

Going back to an older version isnt going to change anything… Also please give everybody some more info like version number and any info thats pertains to the error. I had a similar problem once and just updated my firmware and it solved many problems I was having… Check to see if the disc is scratched or dirty(smudged). Also are you using clone dvd or what kind of software to back it up? More info would help you out a lot more…