Probem with delete files




I have problem with delete files from hdd in my philips recorder (DVDR7300H/02) hdd - 250 gb.
My hdd is full (only 6% free space) and when i tired delete files i not see any function (delete, childlock, protect). I see only colour button. When i push forexample red button i see error and “Prohibited on the time shift buffer title”
I can’t edit any clip in hdd too.

I think then my files is protect but in hdd browser in protect menu i’m not have any files…

any ideas…?

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ps. sorry but my english is very poor :slight_smile:


Hi YOdi, and welcome to CDFreaks.
I’m not familiar with your machine, but it sounds
like you need to turn off or disable Time Shift.
It sounds like the Time Shift buffer is taking up
too much space on your hard drive.
If you have the owners manual it should tell
how to turn Time Shift on and off.
Your English is good. :slight_smile:


I have the exact same problem!!
Mine is an old machine but giving sterling service other than this Time Shift Buffer
It happened before but we got around it by ignoring -----Very scientific Hey Wot
But would like if poss to solve the problem as to date I’m unable to get around this current event (so Far)
Any advice much appreciated
AKA Lord OgmorHi


Sorry Lack of information
I cant find (I have Hand Book) how to switch OFF Time Shift Buffer!!