Probelm with VOB files



I am backing up my DVD movies with the latest ver of DVDfab. I am using the video pass through setting and making a large VOB file ( about 4-5gb per movie). I am also renaming the movie.vob file to movie.mpg.

The movie will play in windows media player and also on my media extender but I am unable to fast forward or rewind the movie while I am watching it. I am also not able to skip ahead or back in the movie. I can only watch the movie from start to finish and I am only able to pause and un-pause. Is there a way to fix this? Is there another high quality movie format that allows you fast forward and rewind / skip ahead and back (just like watching the DVD)?



This is a duplicate thread to the one you started in the DVDFab forum. Please don’t crosspost.

I’m closing this one.