Probelm with Sony DW G120A

Hi All,

   I have a sony DW G120A dvd drive. I have used it to burn about 120-140 Dvd's but now it is not reading/writing Dvd's or CD-RW [B]but writes CD's[/B]. It recognizes blank dvd's only ([B]not the ones which hv data already burned in it[/B]). And when i try to write the dvd it simply fails. I cleaned the drive with lens cleaner,switched over to some other softwares other than nero(Ashampoo,IMGBURN,droppix). I tried even with sony blank dvd's but still no result. Time to buy another drive?


could you please go through these instructions and report back?



I went thru the instructions and here is my systems response

[B]First check [/B]----ok. Windows Bootable CD is getting recognized. (This test is necessary in my case?Mine reads Cd’s well but not dvd’s)

[B]Hardware configuration check-[/B] No problem.Cleaned Lens also(My drive was writing Dvd’s a few weeeks back but recently only it is not writing/recognizing dvd’s but STILL WRITES CD’s.I didnt change anything in the hardware)

[B]Software configuration check [/B]
IMAPI is down.Intel application accelerator was also down(Both services i never started up during the time my drive was functioning correctly as well as now also)I never did any firmware upgrade(do i need to?bcse mine was functioning well n i saw no reason to upgrade firmware)

[B]Some more specific problems
Drive seems to work ok, but it doens’t see any writable media
I had daemon tools…uninstalled it and tried no result…(I had daemon on at the time whn my drive was functioning well)

I have burned about 120-150 Dvd’s with it and equla amt of cd’s. Shd i buy a new one?I am not able to understand why it writes CD’s but not Dvd’s n CD+RW.

no reply :confused: after a week of waiting i bought Sony DRU - 190A :slight_smile: