Probelm with ND-3500AG when ejecting disk



Hi ppl,

I have a problem with my DVD-RW recorder… I’m using Nero 6.6… and after it burns dvd or cd disk it freezes after I take out the burned cd and close the tray back… If I want to open the drive tray I have to wait about 3 minutes. It seems the drive stops responding after I close its tray, or its doing something (the drive light is on, drive is not producing any sounds)… Is anyone experiencing something similar, pls help.

my config:
CPU AMD Athlon mobile 2500+
MD: Gigabyte 7N400S-L
RAM: 512 mb
Graphic: Radeon 9550 256mb
HDD: Maxtor 120 GB 6Y120M0


I would try reflashing the drive with Nec 2.19 and if that does not solve it rma the drive.


2 suggestions

  1. boot into the bios and insert/ eject
  2. safe mode same thing

if both of these work something autorun this way comes most likely would be DLA programs like directcd/dvd, nero incd, sonic dla ect… uninstall them and see how it works


Thx for your replies…

I have already tried to test it from bios and safe mode… But recorder is still busy… Yesterday I figured it out that after 20 min of waiting drive works fine. And in the meantime if I insert recorded disk (after I wait for about 3 minutes to open the drive tray) recorder works fine. So only if the drive is empty (no disk loaded) recorder is not responding for a few minutes… hmm, dam… weird