Probelm Burning Silent Hill Region 4 Dvd Pal




i have tried to use anydvd to remove the copy protection on 2 different copies of Silent Hill region 4 but both times anydvd comes up with errors. is there anyway to burn this dvd with any dvd or some other software or even if I can just rip to my hard disk??

Thanks in advance


What are the errors? These could be helpful in identifying and ultimately solving the problems you are experiencing.


it just says failed to read dvd. could be dirty etc. I have tried rip it for me and dvd decryptor as well and they fail also when they get to vts_02 so i think there must be some kind of copy protetcion there as the dvd is not damaged or dirty at all. Plus like I siad I have tried 2 different dvd’s and get the same error with both


Is your drive set to Region 4?


If you believe that the movie has a new protection send the IFO files to Slysoft. Remember to disable anydvd before send the files. Hee is how you can do it.