Probe filter for amd athlon 250 II x2

i am slowly going through my bios, and doing quit well seting 1 setting at a time.

haw ever i have come across a setting under cpu setup in bios called PROBE FILTER. after a bit of research i find that this has something to do with the new Istanbul 6 core processors so why does my athlon 250 II x2 regor have this option??? i cant find any info on using it with a duel core. just curios as to what it does, im going to have a fiddle with it anyway but would like to no if any one has fiddled with this setting with my cpu or a smiler duel core

my specs

my computer specs are:-
mobo…ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
cpu…AMD Athlon64IIx2 (regor) 3000mhz
ram…2x (simmtronics 2gb ddr3 1333)…dual channel
dvd ram…LG hl-dt-st dvd-ram gsa-h55n ata…ide
dvd rom…tsscorp dvd-rom sh-d163c ata…sata
hdd 1…500.11gb seagate st3500418as…sata
barracuda 7200.12(primary)
hdd 2…1tb samsunge hd103sj…sata
hdd 3…2tb samsunge hd203wi…sata
gpu…his radeon hd4670 iceq 1gb ddr3…pciex16
wifi nic…edimax 802.11n…pci
sound card…creative sb audiigy 2 (WDM)…pci
psu…artic power 700 (over kill i know)

windows 7 ultimate x64

                     thanx all POG13

Settings in the bios exist separately, and are included to match the capabilities of a whole range of cpu’s that can be used in any particular board. Your Asus is compatible with the 6 core cpu’s therefore the bios has settings that apply for them.

Moving your thread to the hardware forum, in hopes someone can answer your question about using that setting with the dual core cpu’s.

thanks again kerry

best proformace seems to be with auto as mp and dissable seem to increase meomory read and write slightly though the rest of the system drops qwuit drasticly, going to leave it on auto, unless someone knows a few tricks with it

thanx all POG13