Probably Dumb Noobie Questions

Hi, I’m new as you can probably tell from my ignorance.

I have a few questions about using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 to back up my DVDs…

  1. Can I keep the menus?

  2. Can I split a DVD into 2 parts and burn onto two single layer DVDs to keep maximum image quality? I have a big TV :slight_smile:

  3. Can I burn to dual layer DVDs to keep maximum image quality? Again, big TV… but I would only use the expensive ones on REALLY good movies!

  4. Can I back up console game DVDs with this software?

Thanks for any answers or suggestions in advance!

Welcome to Cdfreaks ImStillDave and you are in the correct place to ask Noobie Questions and don’t worry it’s not a Dumb question.

In short the answer is 1/ :iagree:
2/ :iagree:
3/ :iagree:
4/ :disagree:

Thanks for the quick reply!

The :disagree: at the end forces me to ask another noobie question… what CAN I use to back up console game DVDs?

Try using IMGBurn from LIGHTNING UK! - though nothing is known to backup console games to the point of “selfbooting”.

Go to here for IMGBurn [which is free]:

Thanks! I’ve got the booting issue resolved already :slight_smile: