Probably a silly question

Hello all!

So… late night I was a little drunk when I got home from the pub, and during my “post-pub Internet and movie watching” session I decided to buy DVDfab Platinum, with it being on offer and all.

I’m extremely pleased with my purchase, but I just have one question, that after reading the forum I’m fairly certain I know the answer two, I just wanna make sure.

When using the “customize” option, if I select “DVD-9” rather than “DVD-5” (to ensure that the quality reading states 100%), will DVDfab leave the video quality alone? Or will some transcoding still take place? The customize option was the big selling point of the software for me, so I just wanna make sure it’s working as i expect. If this is the case, is it worth posting in the feature request for it to be made a little more clear in the interface?

Many thanks in advance!

Can anyone help? I’m I’m correct in assuming picking DVD-9 when copying a move using the customize option with create the move files on the HDD without loss of quality then I can get to work.

Thanks in advance!

Hi mjwhitfield, Firstly welcome to the forum :iagree: Secondly nice to have someone local :bigsmile: If you use dvd-9 you’ll be using dual layer discs? If so you’ll get perfect quality 100% backups

Peter. :smiley:

I don’t plan on backing up to DL discs, I’ll be using the customize option to grab only the menu’s and feature/extra’s that I want and stick them on my HDD. Once the files are on my HDD they’ll be run through VobBlanker, then I’ll use DVD-RB and CCE Basic to pull the vob’s apart into their component files and then re-compressed in order to fit onto a DVD-5.

However, there’s not much point running the files through DVD-RB and CCE if DVDfab is going to mess with the video files quality while copying them to my HDD. I just want to make sure that using the customize option, and selecting DVD-9 when ripping to my HDD will keep the original quality intact.

Yes this will keep the quality if transferring to your HD. :iagree:

Are you surrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, thanks mate. My g/f’s standalone DVD player is pap and ruin’s discs on a nightly basis, there’s no way I’m taking my store brought copy of “March of the Penguins” over there tonight to have it ruined.

Anyway, time to let DVDfab do it’s thing.

Sounds like the cd drive has collapsed if its damaging the discs. Otherwise the laser assembly has probs. :sad:

I’d say it was more to do with the fact that her baby cousins think it’s a good idea to ram food into the tray.

I’ve pulled it apart a few times and cleaned it out, the debris inside is awful, I’m getting her a new one for Christmas and if the kids go near it I’ll drop kick them out the window.

No no no, You’ll have to try another method, kids bounce well when dropped from a great height, he he he :doh:

Righty, thanks for all the advice anyhow. Maybe I’ll ask for it to be made a little more clear, or maybe a new button to tick in customize mode that states the quality will be the same as the source DVD.

I’m gonna go out for a bit, DVD-RB takes just over an hour to do it’s thing. Thanks again for the advice.

The backup worked fine, if anyone hasn’t seen the film I strongly recommend it, it’s amazing.

Glad to see the backup worked fine :clap: