Prob With running a fw update on GWA-4161b

ok so after much searching i have found a firmware update that many are claiming to work its from the compaq site and is also found on the HP site
And are discussed Here at this site

But when i go to run the installer i get an error msg say that its not the drive installed!
This is a home built machine windows xp pro SP2 I bought the drive at a local shop.
Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer

Hello Gothik and welcome to the forum.

That drive you have is an OEM LG model. These models are typically tailor made (the features are typically different from retail LG models) for companies who ship them with computers they sell. The way it works is that these companies who sell the drives in computers have to support them with firmware updates as well. LG itself does not provide firmware updates or support for these OEM models as it only supports retail models.

I do not know why an OEM model was available in a local shop for sale as a bare unit. It should not have been available for purchase without a system, because you effectively, have no firmware updates or support for it.

As for why that firmware update refused to work, I’m not sure. What is known is that OEM models made for one computer manufacturer may not be the same as for another. If your GWA-4161B was actually made for say Fujitsu, it may not be the same as the GWA-4161B made for HP/Compaq. Because of that, the firmware for the same model from one computer manufacturer may not work with the same model of drive from another computer manufacturer. That is about the only thing I can think of.

Unfortunately, that HP/Compaq firmware is about the only firmware I have ever come across for the GWA-4161B. Sad to say, but I don’t think there is any solution here.

Hmmm and this store i bought them from is but from a store not online and they claim that they are brand new and the come factory sealed! well thats annoying

Thanks alot for the info and i wouldnt suggest anyone near alabama use this store.

hi, i realize this is an old thread, but i had this exact same problem yesterday, and i googled for hours and found no solution anywhere until i figured it out myself, so i’m going to post the solution in case anyone else has the same problem:

when you get the file from hp that makes the bootloader for the firmware flash, instead of running it, right click it and extract it with winrar. once extracted you will see a file called sp26777.iso - burn this file as an image in nero express and then set your bios to boot from the cd. then, voila… worked for me.