Prob with my burner



okay… i just got my hp laptop about a week and a half ago

my dvd player supports divx i know it. we have another pc we burn movies on. i have burnt three dvds on my aptop and theyhavent played in the dvd player. is it something to do with ISO? my bro inlaw is good with computers so he did all that on the other one… i have Express Burn on the laptop… and there is nero on the other one. but my brother has the nero disc. and he is overseas

can you please tell me what to do so i can watch my movies? :slight_smile:


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Don’t worry about the burning software, you can use a better one: ImgBurn (that’s free and better than nero ;))

Probably your problem is due to a bad burned disc, and most of times this is due to a low quality disc.

Try again to burn on a quality disc (like a Verbatim) and see if this solve the problem :slight_smile:


i am burning on HP printable discs… we have been using them for years… somehow i dont think its the disc. but thanks for the recommendation for imgburn

hope fully this fixes it


The problem with relying on brand names is that most of them change suppliers without their customers knowing anything about it. So, sometimes you get very good quality from a certain brand, the next time it may be truly bad.

Verbatim is not immune to bad batches, but are more consistent in quality than many other brands, so we tend to recommend them.