Prob with cd/dvd burner OPTIARC-AD-7530B-NX09

I have an Acer laptop 2 mb ram, intel core 2 duo processor - 1.66ghz and 2 gb ddr2… it came with the cd/dvd writer OPTIARC-AD-7530B-NX09.
this is a new problem that has surfaced… it’s taking more than 60 mins to burn a dvd rom at 8x. it used to take about 18-20 mins earlier. the acer complaint cell says the drive is fine - it cd be the software / windows. i use nero 6.3 and have not had probs till recently… i upgraded the OPTIARC-AD-7530B-NX09 driver as well… i am at a wit’s end - i tried using a difft software as well - Ashampoo… but that took longer!! please help. oh yes i have also enabled dma in the settings… why am i having this orblem, why is it taking so long to burn… it used to be all fine… and this drive is a new one that they have replaced!! please help!

Try using Imgburn and let us know how that works.
Link is in my sig.

Post the log, DMA seems to be off.