Prob with BR to Divx


i just buy a Bluray burner to make HD divx for my Multimedia HD on my Plasma screen.

so i buy a blueray disc (Xmen3) and i followed your guide :
first i used AnyDVD HD to rip the BR. it Worked but the only soundtrack i had was commentarys…

so i installed UFD 2.5 filesystem and try it with DVDFab HD, it seems that it’s work but… the only soundtrack i had was commentarys…

when i want to demux it (elekar pro, Super, etc…) every audio flux are commentarys of the director (or actors…)

did i miss something ?
did i make something wrong?

here is my config.

dual core 6.2 on XP Pro SP 2

1 MG ram and 500 Gb HD

DVD burner : Pioner
and Blueray burner LG GGW-H20 n (or L) whats the difference ?

thank you in advance for your answers and all my apologyzes for my bad English.