Prob w/ speedhacking +rw



With sohw 812s using vuson speedhacked,I have no problem with +R disks, but with 2.4 +rw speedhacked to 4x (optodisks and infodisks) drive and software Nero 5.5 and decrypter indicates that disk is being written to at end of burn disk is ejected and box appears saying burn is successful. However, the disk was not burned at all. Changing the burn speed back to 2.4 and the disk will now burn ok. What am I doing wrong?


Oops! I knew I forgot something when writing the documentation! I should’ve put a warning in the OmniPatcher documentation saying that while it’s technically possible to hack up +RW speeds, it is


recommended, as +RW discs simply can’t be oversped without there being problems (this is specific to the +RW format itself, and affects other drive types as well, not just LiteOn ones… +R, -R, and -RW are okay, but not +RW…)