Prob recording from CDA to MD

I burnt a cda disc using Nero from mp3’s which are not copy protected, and this cd will play back in my Sony Mini HiFi fine. However, if i try to do a syncro record to a MD, it says that it cannot copy (Error 41) A quick read through the instruction manual said that i tried to copy a cdr which is not allowed. Is there any way round this? I’m particularly interested in a program that can disguise the fact that the disc i burnt is a cdr…

I’m confused…Can regular hifis discriminate between the type of disc they are playing??

The Hifi plays back cdr’s and cdrw’s fine but just won’t copy them to md because it constitutes a digital to dital second generation copy (illegal) but it will copy pre recorded cd’s ok, what gives? I’m considering junking it and getting a new hifi, so if anybody knows a workaround, then do tell,



In Nero, after having set the files in the right order, select them, right click, and be sure that the “protection” box is unchecked.

Maybe you can’t copy your CD to MD, because of the subcode flags on the CD. By default, all Tracks on a CD have the subcode flag “Digital copy not permitted”, unless you specify the FLAGS DCP (Digital Copy Permitted) command within your Cuesheet (by example when burning with Cdrwin).
You can use e.g. EAC to easily check the copy permission flag (see column “Copy protection”).
In opposite to PC drives, stand-alone players sometimes care about this flag entry.
Hope this helps …

Yep, i thought of that in Nero, but all to no avail, still doesn’t like it! I haven’t used CDR Win for ages now, but if it works, i’ll give it a shot, thanks for that guys! I think its rather lousy of Sony to do this personally esp as their newer ones don’t exhibit this behaviour with CDR/RW’s


It’s not only Sony, all CD player do this, it’s compulsory on all models.
Only professional CD players with AES/EBU (not SPDIF) digital outputs can allow the copy. Even some soundcards won’t record the SPDIF input if the SCMS flag is set (the Creative Audigy, if I’m not mistaken).
But there should be no problem to burn copy free CDRs on a computer. It’s strange that Nero failed.