Prob. reading DVD+R after burning with 1693s FW9

I appreciate any help concerning this prob.
the burner can read DVD-R, DL DVD±,…except the data DVD+R that I burned with the same burner.could it be the DVD brand? I 'm using maxell DVD+R 8x.

Unlikely that it is media but try different brand media to check. Can the disk be read on different DVD drive? What burning program? multisession? - please provide more details!

How fast was the write? This drive likes things a little slower I found in my testing. It coastered a 16x disc, but did fine on the 4x stuff.

tried a different brand, same issue.
the dvd can be read on other dvd drives.
i’m using nero last version 6…
i burned 2 dvds one with multisession and one one without same issue.
N.B: burn speed 8x
and thx by the way.