Prob playing dvd on tv

hello.i use dvd shrink to rip and shrink a dvd movie and i use NTI dvd maker 6 to burn on(either on + or - dvd`s).the copy plays perfectly fine on my pc which recognizes it as a dvd movie but when i try to play it on my pioneer DVD player on tv or on my ps2(it is able to play copys) the movie does not start… anyone know what the prob may be???

Pioneer likes DVD-R, so use DVD-R media. Use Nero for the burn.

i dont think ps2s can recognise dvd+r(w) is this true. i heard some new ps2s can but old ones cant, generally dvd-r is more compatrible. if using dvd-r media doesnt work then are you using a NTSC or PAL for your dvd and tv. as PAL dvd´s and NTSC tvs/dvd players are not compatible and vice versa. :slight_smile: