Prob. Playing Blu-ray NERO 12 Plat.,LGDisk Drive

Hay Thanks I am new at this I have a prob with Blu-ray cant play disk,not finding Directdraw, LGWH14NS40 I upgraded Nero to12 platnium I got it to play than I cloned 128g ssd to 256g ssd every thing else works don’t know if its the drive or the NERO ,New build ASUS P8Z77-V mb,8G ddr3(1600)ram ,i7-3700 ivy Bridge,ATI Radeon HD 4850 Display adapter. any ideas?

Welcome to the forums RocknRoland.

From the information you’ve given us, I have to assume you are trying to play a commercially made blu ray disc using the HD player within Nero 12. Since you got it to play before cloning the ssd, it seems your system meets all the requirements for blu ray playback (HDCP compliant monitor as well as the hardware you have listed).

One possible solution is to uninstall Nero, then reinstall. You might also want to take a look at this page for Microsoft support regarding DirectDraw:

And you can download and try a trial of one of the other commercial programs that playback blu ray and see if they have any issues, or if this is only happening in Nero. A couple to try would be Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater 5 or Cyberlink Power DVD.

I tried different programs ( messages like Can’t play content),(The applicatiom requirs DirectDraw ,witch is not available in your system.)
system shows DirectX11 copy DirectX9 from old game nothing,when i go start ,dxdiag it shows DirectDraw disabled ther is no Button to enable or disable but when i hit the run 64-bit DxDiag Button it shows enabled bu when i try to play Blu-Ray DVD it does not work.

Try re-installing or updating your video card driver.

I downloaded a trial ver. of Power DVD,Cyberlink and Blu-Rays play fine on my system with that.Nero 12 Platnium won’t play blu-rays, I tryed reinstalling Nero & I reinstalled video card.I tryed Corel & VLC could not get them to work ether.
Power DVD is the winner!