Prob installing WinDVD delivered with Benq 822

I have an issue with installing the WinDVD-Suite from the Retail-Package.
Benq tried quite well to help me via eMail-Support.
But it seems to be an issue really with WinDVD, so we agreed that I ask them for help.

I tried to install the suite before installing the 822 !! Big mistake.
An error appeared: This is no qualified machine.

Ok. I installed the 822 and tried again. Still: No qualified machine.
I now tried to install on another partition on the same machine: Working flawlessly… :O)
So don’t try to install the bundled WinDVD in front of installing the 822.

Anyone knows a solution to force WinDVD searching for the drive again?
If WinDVD-Support can help me I will post their answer here…

Well, Benq told me that finally they don’t have the nessecary knowledge of the Intervideo-Copyprotection-Scheme, and I should ask them about the issue.

Ok. Now here is the answer from InterVideo Inc. :

“The WinCinema CD/WinDVD Suite is actually licensed and assembled by the hardware manufacturer that bundled it with you hardware. So they are responsible for it functioning properly on your computer.”

Thanx for the big help Intervideo! Very much appreciated…