Prob i have(Writer)

Sometimes whenevr i put a written CD/DVD in the drive it reads the CD/DVD but displays the size as 0B or says an audio cd even though its not.
It seems to keep the memory from the last CD inserted.
How do i solve it?


im not sure if it will help but i guess its worth a shot,right click “my computer” and click “properties” goto hardware>>device manager and expand “ide/ata atapi controllers” right click the ide channel the drive is on click uninstall and restart

it may be some pre service pack bug,is sp1 or sp2 installed?

well it does it on machines with sp1 and sp2 on.


please have some patience this isnt instant messaging this is a forum so it will not take a second to reply,if someone thinks he can help you then he will reply and if not then not , anyway you didnt say if removing the ide channel and restarting helped

yeah sorry you do have a point there.
What am i uninstalling first?

you dont have to remove both of the ide channels ,removing the one the burner is on is enough you can see on which ide channel it is with nero infotool in hardware tab

but surely if i uninstall the drive, wont it make it not work at all??

not exactly the drive but the ide channel,there is a reason i wrote to “restart” after doing it windows will re-identify it…

ooh right i see.
Sorry im a bit dumb.
Erm, will tthe drive be ok permanantly then??

as i wrote before this isnt a sure thing it might work and might not so i cant really answer that

ever come across the problem yourself?

It’s possibly down to Auto insert notification not being set. There was a thread within the last 2 weeks about this so a search on “auto insert notification” might find it.

I set this in DVD Decrypter , it’s under tools -> settings -> device.