[Prob] Getting Benq 1650 to work with GL811E-04 based USB interface

Hope I ain’t stepping on anybody’s toes, but i went through the forums so far and havent been able to come up with an answer.

i just got my 1650 today, and was hoping to get it working with my USB to IDE device. the problem i’m having however at the moment is that, when i switch the device on, the usual “new hardware found” thing pops up in XP, and then after a while, the device just disappears from XP, as if its switched off. but the power light is still on, and the drive still functions as there is still power being fed into it.

any ideas? i’d also rather not crossflash, and worse comes to worst i’ll just get another external enclosure if need be, as i’m hoping to be able to use this with my laptop rather than having to use my sis’s desktop to burn stuff.

thanks :wink:

Sorry to hear that.
I’M using a 1655 in a Mapower KC51U2G case, which has the GL811E-04 chipset.
No problems at all…

Find out if your enclosure has a firmware update, that may fix all the problems.

Does the drive function? read/write discs?

@ eric93se
I dont think gl811e-04 chip can be flashable like prolific.

@ personified
seems like problem within your pc’s usb port. please specify whether you have it connected with onboard usb port or with add on usb card. if you see unknown device under universal serial bus controllers in device manager after pluggin in the device then it must be either usb port or Enclouser has problem
try to connect it to your laptop to find out whether your enclouser is working or not

sorry that i’ve been missing in action for a bit. had a real busy week :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i finally got around to testing the burner on my desktop unit. i burned one dvd and one cd, both burned perfectly, data verification was successful (i used nero 6.something).

about the flashing thing, i’m not sure if it can be done or not, but i had trouble finding any firmware updates for it. i finally did find out the brand of my enclosure, its a chinese brand called Midte. but about the flashing part, i thought that the specialty with prolific chipsets was that you could flash the burner. then again, i might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

lastly, i originally did hook it up with my laptop’s onboard usb ports. i know for a fact that the enclosure works at least with my western digital back up harddrive. it comes on as “mass usb storage” for a while, and then goes off. i did some extra testing later, and when i plugged the enclosure in without anything on it, it did the same thing that it did when i tried the burner on it. which leads me to believe that the chipset is not picking up the burner at all.

thats all the updates for now, thanks again to everyone for your help so far.

you can flash burner in gl811e-04. but enclouser chip gl811e-04 could not be flash.

thats definitely sad. thanks for the info mate.

good news is, i got it working in a cypress based enclosure, if i’m not mistaken. i was just too happy that it was working that i forgot to check the chip number in detail. it was CTxxxxsomethingorrather, so i’m assuming that it was a cypress.

got a nice burst rate of 20mb/s on USB2.0, so i’m happy, not really planning to buy any expensive 16x media. quite happy with 8x :wink:

thanks for all the help guys!