Prob downloading latest Clone dvd Vers?



Just went to make a backup FLY copy for testing…
Open Clone tells me new version available.
Im using new ver
I go to download it 3/4 times and each time the appears on the screen.

Installer verification failed.
This could be the result of an incomplete download, a failing disk, or possibly from a virus. You can try to forse an install using the /NCRC command line switch (but this is not recommended)

Dont know why this is happening? Ive restarted and still get the same note.
My anti virus is all up to date and nothing has showen there.

Any ideas how to fix the prob?:bow:


Try downloading it from


I did it from Slysoft.
Just tried again and still the same???


Very strange?

I downloaded the new version of Any dvd and all went ok then went back to Clone dvd, saved it then downloaded it and this time it all worked ok!:disagree:
Im back up and running again!:bow: