Prob backing up a DC self-boot backup

Hi, i am having a little trouble backing up a couple of self-boot cd’s that i purchased.

I have tried 2 use DJ2.0 that didn’t work, when i examined the cd in CDRWIN 3.8 and went to the extract mode all that it could see was the audio track and the second game all that could be seen were the audio tracks but not the Mode 2 data track.

The two games in question are MSR & Formula Grand Prix World 1. I also have the lastest version of Isobuster and that couldn’t see the data section either, neither could DOS or Windows.

Is the people i bought the game from protecting their cd’s somehow and if they are how can i overcome this protection?

Any help anyone can give me would be greatly received. :wink:

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i think this is a misunderstanding from me; but you wan’t to backup an original dc game?

if you want to backup a dc game(original one) you can do this only at one way, i didn’t check this myself

that is by buying a cable which connects your dc to the serial port of your pc
and there 4 you need a prog which you can download here!lzh

only crews like utopia have more modernised stuff to do it

Sorry guys for not being specific. It is actually a copy that i purchased. They are both selfbooters with MSR only the Red 4 second audio section is viewable in CDRWIN & only all the audio sector are viewable in CDRWIN when looking at the F1 World Grand Prix.

Now before people start getting excited quoting that CDRWIN won’t image a multisession CD. I KNOW!! But you can usually still view all the sectors in CDRWIN usually a red audio sector followed by a GREEN data section, but in these two cases i can’t.

try it with clone cd
you can get it at