Pro sound card for 300$?

ok guys my friend he is not into games alot so we don’t care about EAX and these stuff …

he care about audio quality for playing and recording since he is a DJ.

so which sound card do u recommended for audio recording and playing for 300 dollar ?

thanks …

$300 then any card since it’s still consumer-level. If you want to go pro studio then have a look at

here’s a good resource that also lists different soundcards by category (entry level, semi-pro, low-end pro, pro, etc.)

Excellent link, thanks a lot drpino!



anytime ET :bigsmile:

edit: only thing to keep in mind is the site hasn’t been updated for a year (Feb '04) so there may be info it doesn’t include.

damnnnn thats fantastic site thank u very very very much mr.drpino. u are the MAN .

thanks guys…

you’re welcome cobra88…good luck to you and your friend in your search…:slight_smile: