Pro Show Producer

I’ve just installed the trial version of the above and produced a Video CD from some of my friends photos.

In the Ouput section I have Include Video Shows ticked. I have it set for PAL VCD (I’m in the UK).

Everything seem just fine, however when I tried to play the dsc in my Panasonic DMR-ES20D recorder I got the main title but I couldn’t get it to play. Looking at the display on the recorder it showed Play and PBC(?)

I then tried it in my Ronin P807 and it worked fine. I could get the disc playing by selecting the Menu option 1. It also showed 2.Loop All.

Looked through the Proshow Producer help and can’t find anything but I do remember seeing a quick flash screen come up when creating the disc that mentioned something about PBC but I can’t recall now what it said.

Don’t know if it’s just the Panasonic being quirky or something I need to set when creating the disc. I’d like to sort it out so that I know my friends will be able to play the VCD on their DVD player (they don’t have a PC).

Can anyone help please?


Can you not Burn as a DVD same in ProShow Gold…If so then DVD is the way to go…VCD is now Old Hat…