Pro question: Firmware from another drive



Hi guys!
I guess this question has been posted here many times but you must agree with me: it is impossible to formulate a correct search sentence to find it out, the subject is just too large:

The question is: if I know a firmware from another drive can go on my drive, which utility to use, because the original one won’t accept to flash?

Here we go:
On my Asus Laptop (A8Jm), I have a TSSTCorp TS-L632D (rev AS05). “AS” stands for Asus I guess, because other TSST firmwares are not starting by “AS”.
It does not burn LightScribe, but I found somewhere that the TSSTCorp SN-S082D is the same physical drive and does burn LightScribe.
The SFDWin software tells me kindly “This firmware is not compatible with the selected drive”.

Well, so:

  • How to get SURE I can exchange firmwares?
  • How to flash it then?

Thank you all for your time and help! :slight_smile:



Who told you the drives would be equal???

Lightscribe requires EXTRA hardware.


Please keep in mind that you will invalidate any warranties by changing the firmware of your drive to anything unsupported.

I don’t know how you can find to make sure it is the same - try looking for user experiences. No real surefire way - but if you find images of the internals - check to see the chipset is the same at least.

If you do want to flash it - i think the flasher SFDWin is not very smart and if you start it up with a flasher correct for your firmware [if you do find one from Asus] and then you swap the file with the firmware in it for the firmware you want to flash [renaming that to the same name as the correct firmware] - that might work as I had once crossflashed a Ricoh to Samsung firmware.

Otherwise, you’ll need to see whether it uses a MediaTEK chipset, and whether MTKFlash works with it. There are tutorials around on how to use MTKFlash - to use it to backup your existing firmware so you can hopefully restore it later if something goes wrong - and also to force-flash a different firmware onto the drive.

I do NOT encourage you to proceed if you have any doubts. Are you sure you really need lightscribe? is it that important to you? can you live with a possibly dead drive with no recovery? I think these are the important salient points to think about before proceeding. As for whether they are the same - i have no clue - but the model numbers look radically different and that usually is the first thing i’d look for before trying.

Chef also brings up a valid point [you beat me to this] that drives to do LS have some additional hardware - and while the drives are “nearly” the same - say BenQ 1650 vs 1655 and LS firmware will run on a 1650 - the 1650 is unable to burn LS discs because it is missing the LS electronics.


Hi both :slight_smile:
Chef, someone on this forum told they are the same, but I cannot manage to find again this thread :frowning: Or was it a link from this forum to another one? I’m sure only that I was browsing CDFreaks’.
It could mean Asus deactivated the LS feature on a LS enable drive. Who said I’m I’m stupid? :slight_smile:

lui_gough, thank you for such a complete explanation, and to answer, I would say that “no” of course I do not need LS overall, but I’m a very curious guy who liked to trick hardware for about 10 years, it’s too late to change :wink:
About warranty, I do not really care as I am covered by a all-crashes insurance, I just have to destroy the drive if it gets dead and I’ll get a new one (it is in a laptop). But to tell you the truth, I’m very used to printing (Canon Pixma) my CD-R and I would enjoy having a way to hard write clean labels on a CD through laptop drive as I am often burning far from home.

Anyway, I’ll try all that and give you here my feedback :wink:

Thanks again!


Yes, it can be posible.
Have seen that with some LG drives, the OEM versions had DVD-RAM and DL disabled. :frowning:


[OT] In my experience, my OEM 1640’s are worse than my retail, my OEM laptop drives die more than any retail one … maybe I think the disabling is in an effort to “hide” the fact that the laser might be weaker/poorer quality - and I think the DVD-RAM and DL needs more laser power / more accuracy maybe. [/OT]

Ninj - as usual - I can’t condone the maltreatment of computer hardware pretends to not-see-sledgehammer. :smiley: