Pro overshadowing Reg version

Will the Reg. 1Click be lost to the newly develped Pro version? Will all efforts be put towards updating Pro and leaving Reg. out to dry up and die a slow death?

i hope no, i only do main movie only, i’m not intrested in the pro version.

i say far from it there is a major update comming out for 1click regular soon

I was referring to the long distance future of the Reg. version.

But thanks for the heads up info. Will be looking forward to it.

Are you testing a beta version then wilks, or are you just well connected. :bigsmile:

there is a beta in testing, at this time, (not the next major version jump to 5 yet though) which if history is true will be released very shortly.

LG is currently offering a discount on Pro of 20.00 to everyone not just registered users of regular 1Click. :smiley:

nope…gregory has mentioned it a few times

This must have escaped my brain wilks, along with loads of other things that I can’t think of at the moment.